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MNTD. 5G Hotspot is an indoor device that everyday users can deploy in their homes, inside a cafe, or a store. Anyone who hosts a Helium 5G hotspot can earn and be rewarded crypto tokens.

Designed for maximum range and minimum clutter, it comes with an everything-in-one design and a single cable that both powers the hotspot and connects to your network.


Every other 5G contraption requires you to buy multiple devices to get working: a gateway and a radio, which you have to wire together. Who wants a jumbled mess of wires?

The MNTD. 5G Hotspot has a full 5G gateway, 4G/5G radio, Wi-Fi 6 (for upcoming networks), and LoRaWAN®. It’s everything you need with a clean and functional aesthetic you’ll love, all in one device.


With comprehensive radios and plenty of horsepower, the MNTD. 5G Hotspot is designed for potential upcoming networks such as WiFi6. Today, it mines $HNT and later will mine both $MOBILE and $IOT tokens once HIP 51 is deployed.

Technical specification

  • Low Power ARM Platform
  • 2.5GbE RJ45 Port, Including one that supports 802.3bt PoE input
  • 32 LTE & 64 5G Active Users
  • OTA Upgrade
  • 4GB RAM+ 32GB eMMC
  • Built-In Antennas
  • ECC Security
  • APP for O&M
  • USB-C port for expansion
  • AGW & Radio All in One
  • 24 dBm/port
  • 3GPP Band B48 & n48
  • Plug & Play
  • 4G, 5G, Lora All in One
  • 5G NR Spectrum
  • 20Mhz LTE & 100Mhz 5G Spectrum
  • Table, Wall Mounting

Interested in the MNTD. 5G?

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